Who we are

Chaintex was born in 2003 as an innovative knitted fabric manufacturer focused on quality and novelty. Chaintex would knit what no others would dare. Today, with innovation embedded as a core brand value, we re-focus on what matters most. Today we have one goal. To commercialize and promote the next generation of responsible, renewable and traceable materials into circular knitted fabric.

We are knitting a better future.

What we do

Chaintex develops, knits and supplies fabric to global fashion brands. We focus on responsible, renewable and traceable raw materials, dyeing, finishing and manufacturing practices. We are experts in certified organic cotton, regenerative cotton and recycled cotton as well as recycled rayon, recycled polyester, Tencel Lyocell and Carbon Zero Modal. We excel in the development of novelties, together with the production of core quality staples. In addition we are leaders in the natural performance space, pioneering yarns and fabrics with temperature-regulating, circulation-boosting and antibacterial/microbial properties.

We are proud to be GOTS, GRS, OCS, RCS, BCI and Oeko-tex 100 certified.

Our Promise

We promise to commit all of our efforts toward the commercialization and promotion of the next generation of responsible, renewable and traceable materials. We are dedicated to the advancement of the fabrics for the future.

Chaintex will lead, learn, share and partner with others along the way.

We support the Fashion Revolution 10-point manifesto and are proud to highlight who made my fabric.

Our Ambition

We will exclusively produce fabrics from renewable and sustainable sources that are 100% traceable.
We will develop the world’s first complete collection of knitted fabric that is carbon net zero by 2030.